Mae's "Best-Ever" Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Questions & Answers

Question: When will you bake my cookies?

Answer: I bake cookies Monday through Thursday, in order to deliver the freshest cookies possible.

Question: How long will they remain fresh?

Answer: Despite the fact that I use no additives or preservatives, my cookies will remain fresh for up to a week, and often longer. I ask that you don't refrigerate them,which will dry them out, and keep them in their plastic wrapper to keep them as fresh as possible. Once received, their shelf life can easily be extended by freezing them.

Question: I would rather fax you my order, is that an option?

Answer: Sure. Just e-mail your request and I'll provide you with our fax number.

Question: How big are your chocolate chip cookies?

Answer: My cookies are approximately 3" in diameter.

Question: I'm allergic to nuts, can I enjoy your cookies?

Answer: I want everyone to enjoy my delicious chocolate chip cookies, so I never make them with nuts.

Question: I would prefer to pay you by check, is that possible?

Answer: No problem. My payment processor accepts online checks. Or you can just mail me your order, and where you would like it to be shipped. I will then ship your order out accordingly. Please send information to: Mae Mueller, W238 S4801 Big Bend Rd., Waukesha, WI 53189

NOTE: When paying by check, no orders are shipped until your check clears.

Question: After I place my order, when will you ship my cookies?

Answer: My goal is deliver the freshest cookies possible. I will evaluate the delivery address, and make sure that your order will arrive without a delay and not be interrupted by the weekend.

For example, if an order is placed early Thursday morning and I know it can't possibly reach it's destination by Friday, I will ship your order the following Monday.

Because I don't rely on preservatives to keep my cookies fresh, I don't want to have my cookies sitting over the weekend while in transit to the recipient.

Question: What shipping procedure do you use?

Answer: I ship all orders through the U.S. Postal Service using "Priority Mail" or UPS within the state of Wisconsin. Priority Mail allows me the widest possible range of shipping destinations such as post office boxes and APO boxes for the armed services.

In addition, I use the U.S. Postal Service's "Delivery Confirmation" option which can track the date and time of delivery to the destination zip code if necessary.

If you need me to Express ship an order, I can do that also. Just e-mail me the shipping address so that I can quote you a price on the shipping charges.

Question: Will you share any of my information with third-parties?

Answer: Absolutely not. All of the information that you provide to me stays in my personal database. Your information will never be shared with anyone else.

Question: Is it safe for me to order on your site?

Answer: Yes. I use secure payment processing, and any information that is sent to me is encrypted to prevent others from viewing it.

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