Mae's "Best-Ever" Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saturday, February 19, 2005

My Story

My name is Mae Mueller. I'm a 58 year old housewife, mother, grandmother and Food Service Specialist.

No, I don't own a big, fancy factory or anything like that. My factory is my home, and when I'm not working, preparing food for the public, I still do all of my baking right from my very own kitchen!

My baking experience began in Wonewoc, Wisconsin when I was 15 . My mother taught me how to bake all different kinds of goodies such as cookies, cakes, pies, candy and frosting’s.

The one thing that stands out in my mind most of all is a frosting called 7 minute frosting. I had to cook this frosting for 7 minutes, and I had a lot of failures before I finally got it right. But once I did there was no stopping me.

At such a tender age, I was really proud of myself and my accomplishments. I even tried to get a job at our local bakery. But Wonewoc was a poor, small town of about 800 people, and back in the 60’s, the local business owners could only afford to hire and pay their own family members.

In fact, we were so poor, we didn't even have a bathroom, we had an outhouse. We had no hot water, and we washed the dishes in a little tub on the kitchen table, because we didn't have a sink.

Believe me, I know what it's like to grow up in hard times. We literally lived off of the land. My dad was a policeman, so we didn't have a lot of money.

However, we did have an acre of land and half of it was turned into a huge garden to feed our family. My mom canned everything she could.

My dad was a hunter and a great fisherman, so we ate lots of venison and fish year round. It was a real treat when my mother could afford to go to the store and buy roast beef or chicken.That's why I value and appreciate each and every dollar.

I have about 40 years of baking experience, and I'm proficient with pie crusts, breads, candies and cookies. My sense of touch is so accomplished, that I can tell just by feeling the consistency of the dough whether it’s ready for baking or not.

My professional cooking and baking career started 15 years ago when I got a job as a cook and baker for several restaurants in my community. I worked my way up to lead baker for a local telephone company, and I made all of the desserts for 500 people, five day’s a week.

Believe me, that was no small task, but I never complained about all of the hard work, because I truly love what I do. Each and every dessert I make is made with all of my love. I feel that it’s very important for me to put all of my heart and soul into every dessert I make.

I truly feel that God has put me on this earth to show my love through everything that I bake and cook, and that it's my "purpose" to make people happy through my baking.

Everyday at work I say to myself, "if I can make just one person happy today through my baking a cookie or making a sandwich, my heart will be full of joy!"

Here's what a few people who've tried my cookies have to say about them:

"Your chocolate chip cookies deserve 5 stars for their freshness and wonderful consistency!"

Jerry Sprague
Brookfield, Wisconsin

"Mae, your cookies are out of this world!"

Andy Kuhn
Waukesha, Wisconsin


You're a great cook! Your chocolate chip cookies are one of a kind - the best I have ever tasted!"

Barbara Klosinski
Waukesha, Wisconsin


Your chocolate chip cookies are awesome! When you bring them to work for us, it's impossible to eat just one. They just melt in your mouth!"

Shelly Bliese
North Prairie, Wisconsin

"Your chocolate chip cookies are so wonderful. It's such a treat, when you bring them to work for us. I love them!"

Nancy Sprague
Brookfield, Wisconsin

A package of one dozen cookies is only $14.95. If you're not happy with my cookies for any reason, I'll give you back your money! I think that's fair, don't you?

All orders are shipped via priority mail, within 48 hours of receipt. Shipping charges will automatically be calculated when you place your order.

Each cookie is individually wrapped in clear plastic for freshness and protection, and comes beautifully packaged in a colorful, decorative, collectible tin.

Sorry...we only ship within the Continental U.S.

Order some of my delicious cookies for yourself, or for someone else. They make the perfect gift!

Please place your order today, by clicking on the payment link below.Thank you and enjoy your cookies!

Blessing's to all who read this!

Mae Mueller


W238 S4801 Big Bend Rd.
Waukesha, WI 53189


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